Pub Watch

Nantwich Town Council and Civic Hall are active members of the Nantwich Pubwatch scheme.Members Of Nantwich Pubwatch

Pubwatch is a group of local, independent groups people working in licensed premises, who often take part in safety and alcohol awareness campaigns.

The objectives of group are:

  • to tackle and prevent anti-social behaviour and criminal activity
  • promote safe drinking environments for customers and secure working environments for staff
  • improve communication and sharing information between licensees


Nantwich Town Council invest in CCTV around the town in order to help tackle crime and disorder.

CCTV is not only a deterrent, and provides reassurance to the public, it also provides effective means of detecting crime and assisting the police in identifying offenders. The need for CCTV cameras is continually being assessed by the Council and its partners.

Cameras are installed, removed and relocated as and when necessary for the benefit of the Borough’s residents, commercial sector and visitors, and to assist the Police in preventing and reducing crime.

The system operates in conjunction with the Police and other emergency services, providing evidence for many prosecutions. If CCTV Operators notice an incident, they can advise the police and direct them where to go. CCTV contributes to reducing the fear of crime and increasing the perception of security in the areas covered by the cameras.

For more information on CCTV visit Cheshire East’s information page


Nantwich Town Council are members of ‘Stamp crime out of town’ (Scoot), a business crime partnership operating across Crewe and Nantwich.

The partnership, which consists of Cheshire East Council’s partnerships and communities’ team, Cheshire Police and local traders, uses a radio network to alert members about crime, suspicious people and anti-social behaviour.

The scheme involves a close working relationship of members of the radio link, Cheshire East CCTV and Cheshire Police officers who carry Scoot radios in the town centres.

Scoot enables information to be shared, offenders to be identified quickly and thus reduce instances of theft and other associated crime.

Nantwich Police

Nantwich Town Council have a close working relationship with Nantwich Police and PSCO’s, who have a strong community policing ethic.

They are present at Council meetings, liaise monthly with officers and work together on major events and functions to ensure a safer environment for everyone.

Nantwich Police

First Responders

Nantwich Town Council provide financial support to Nantwich First Responders who are a valuable service for the town.

The Nantwich team, Gavin Palin and Max Kelly respond on average to 25 emergency calls a week.

They not only cover the town centre but surrounding areas too.  Their role is vitally important, often they can arrive in an emergency a lot quicker than an ambulance and begin crucial treatment much sooner.

Nantwich First Responders