United Utilities

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Every summer United Utilities get reports of swimmers in reservoirs, which is extremely dangerous.

We are asking for your support in spreading the message to prevent people from entering the water. We would like you to create a short video and/or poster warning others of the dangers of entering reservoirs.

Your entry could be used on our social media and website to help spread the message further.

You will need some information on why swimming in reservoirs is dangerous, here are some quick facts to help you:

  • Deep water and steep sides, reservoirs are very deep with sudden drops and steep sides, making it difficult to get out
  • Remote locations – it may be difficult for emergency services to help anyone in trouble
  • Strong currents caused by machinery under the water
  • Cold water shock can take your breath away and lead to panic and death – reservoirs are very cold

Some pointers for filming

  • Always best to film in landscape, rather than portrait
  • Think about your background – do you want to do it on a plain background, or a background relevant to the topic you’re filming – don’t have any distractions that will distract from your video
  • Make sure we can hear you loud and clear – no background noise
  • There are some free film apps you can download to your phone, or you can use the video mode on your camera
  • No more than 3 minutes


Please take a clear photo (or more than one if you like!) and submit your entry using the form on the United Utilities website by midnight on Friday 28th August. Winners will be announced no later than the 30th September 2020.

Visit United Utilities Website for more information and full details.

Good luck!