Ukraine FlagNantwich Town Council agreed at the Council Meeting on Thursday 7th April to publish a joint statement with our partner towns of Bischofsheim and Dzierżoniów.
In doing so, the statement expresses hope for peace and opposition to aggression, specifically relating to the invasion and war in Ukraine.
The statement was drafted by colleagues in Bischofsheim and is being issued simultaneously and demonstrates a shared hope for peace and freedom.

The recent martial attack on Ukraine is to be condemned.  It is violating the territorial integrity of a free country and flouts the fundamental principles of a peaceful international cooperation.

We express our solidarity with the Ukrainian people by showing our solicitousness of the their suffering and fears.

We stand united with all who are not willing to accept the mischief, who are opposing the aggression and fight for freedom, democracy and human rights.

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Among that our solidarity also reaches out to those Russians, who confess to protecting human rights, international law and a peaceful coexistence of people and nations and take the risk of political persecution in their country these days.

We object all those, that consider war a legitimate instrument for reaching political goals, that take freedom and human rights from their fellow human beings in order to enforce their own one-sided interests and penalise other cultural, linguistic or social means.

The attack on Ukraine is also an attack on all values, we share in a united Europe.

For these reasons, we renew our mutual confessions to keeping up peace, securing of freedom and the rule of law, respect of cultural and linguistic diversity and containment of discrimination, pursuing the goal of social fairness as well as building and securing wide spread prosperity.

We share the belief, that Europe’s future can only be formed on the base of peaceful and mutual understanding.  Based on this, we call the citizens of our towns, facing the current martial events in Europe to join us in this confession and bravely stand up for peace, freedom and democracy.