Delivering, protecting and enhancing community facilities

Nantwich Town Council owns and manages a wide range of facilities and services including the Civic Hall, Market Hall, allotments and public toilets.

For any organisation to operate effectively it needs a sound budget. The past two years have been particularly difficult for most due to COVID-19 and this coming year is also expected to bring additional pressures as caution remains from the impact of the cost of living and in particular the rising costs in energy, fuel and food.

The Town Council’s income and the need to support local community groups and facilities could continue to be impacted as a result. However, despite this, the Town Council believes it can deliver a balanced budget whilst still reducing the precept demand for its residents. The figures relating to the Town Council’s 2023/24 proposed budget are shown overleaf.

The Town Council has a commitment to continue to deliver, protect and enhance community facilities to deliver the Town Council’s vision of “Protecting our past, working for our future to improve the environment, local services and facilities making Nantwich an even better place”.

Pile Of Strategic PlansIn 2020, following wide consultation, Nantwich Town Council adopted its first Corporate Strategic Plan, adopting five Corporate Priorities and associated key objectives that the Council sought to achieve between 2020-2023. The plan will be reviewed by the new Town Council following the local elections on 4th May 2023.

The existing Corporate Plan is available to read on our website.

Priorities 2023/24

The Town Council is currently working on two key priorities which will role into 2023.Group Of People Meeting

The Climate Action Plan which is being developed through the Climate Change working group made up of key stakeholders, and the Tourism Strategy which is also being developed by a group of key stakeholders and the Town Council.

Both documents will be key to delivering aspirations to help reduce the town’s carbon footprint and improve the town as a destination for tourists.

In addition to the actions that emerge from the Climate Change Action Plan and Tourism Strategy the Town Council will be investing in the refurbishment of the former Snowhill site to re-introduce public conveniences, following extensive consultation with residents and visitors. The Town Council is also looking to install additional bike racks at suitable locations in the town and interactive tourist information points.

Pressures 2023/24

With the increasing energy costs for households and businesses it is anticipated that the Town Council will see on average a 100% increase on gas and 49% increase on electricity provision. There is also likely to be an increase in service/maintenance contracts the Town Council holds with external contractors.

There is a risk with the on-going cost of living crisis that it will impact on income for shows, events, and our markets.

Some of the functions and facilities the Town Council provides

Nantwich Town Council Facilities

Governance Review Map

Boundary Changes

In 2018, Cheshire East Council began a Community Governance Review of all the parishes within the Borough. The Review related to the whole of the Borough and considered changes to parish areas and parish electoral arrangements. These changes included the alteration, merging, creation and abolishing of parishes; the naming of parishes, and the adoption of an alternative style for new parishes. They also included changes to the electoral arrangements for parishes (the ordinary year of election; the council size; the number of councillors to be elected to the council, and whether to divide the parishes into wards for the purpose of elections).

The Review was concluded in March 2022 with the changes to be introduced from 1 April 2023. For Nantwich this means the boundary will expand and we will be welcoming residents from Malbank Waters, the area of Henhull east of Welshman’s Lane and the area of Worleston south of the A51/Barony Road. Further information on the review can be found on Cheshire East Council’s website.

Town Council Budget

Where does the proposed £1,564,380 Nantwich Town Council budget come from?

Division Of The Ntc Budge

Wherever possible the Town Council aims to provide community facilities at the lowest cost possible to reduce the burden on the taxpayer. At the same time providing the facilities that the community wants and needs. The aim is to offset low-cost community facility provision with commercially viable weekend live shows.

There are some facilities and services that do not generate an income and are free for the public’s benefit which include Town Ranger services, public toilets, CCTV and floral displays.

Capital Proposals

It is proposed that capital plans for the toilet refurbishments at the Snowhill site are to be funded through the Capital Receipt Reserves held by the Town Council.

Capital Receipt Reserves are funds received from the disposal of land which can only be spent on any lawful capital purpose (Local Government Act 2003, s11).

The current Capital Receipt Reserves held are £477,666.

What will it cost per average household (Band D)?

Budget Piechart 202324Budget Expenditure

Total Annual Revenue Budget – £1,564,380

Annual Cost per Household (Band D) £145.29 per year, £2.79 per week

A decrease of £7.65 per year, 15p per week compared to 2022/23.

The Town Council are very aware that its residents are experiencing unprecedented inflation rates of over 10%, with the cost of living increasing at its fastest rate in 40 years. So, the Town Council has worked extremely hard to ensure it meets its own operational demands for 2023/24 whilst still proposing to reduce the precept for residents by 5% compared to 2022/23.

This leaflet provides a precis of the draft budget. Complete budget information will be available to view on request or via Nantwich Town Council’s website.

The Town Council would welcome any comments on the draft budget to be received by 8 December 2022. Please contact Samantha Roberts, Town Clerk. Nantwich Town Council, Civic Hall, Market Street, Nantwich, CW5 5DG. Email: samantha.roberts@nantwichtowncouncil.gov.uk.

These files may not be suitable for users of assistive technology and are in the following formats: .pdf. Request an accessible format.

We would love to hear your feedback, comments on the draft budget should be sent to us no later than 8th December

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