Delivering, protecting and enhancing community facilities

Budget Planning CartoonNantwich Town Council owns and manages a wide range of facilities and services including the Civic Hall, Market Hall, allotments and public toilets.

For any organisation to operate effectively it needs a sound budget. The past two years have been particularly difficult for most due to COVID-19 and this coming year is also expected to bring additional pressures as caution remains from the impact of the pandemic.

The Town Council’s income and the need to support local community groups and facilities could continue to be impacted by COVID-19.

However, despite this the Town Council believes it can deliver a balanced budget whilst still reducing the precept demand for its residents. The figures relating to the Town Council 2022/23 budget are shown further own this page.

The Town Council has a commitment to continue to deliver, protect and enhance community facilities to deliver the Town Council’s vision of “Protecting our past, working for our future to improve the environment, local services and facilities making Nantwich an even better place”.

Due to COVID-19 this has become more challenging operationally and in reviewing the annual budget this had to be considered.

In 2020, following wide consultation Nantwich Town Council adopted its first Corporate Strategic Plan, adopting five Corporate Priorities and associated key objectives that the Council will seek to achieve between 2020-2023. This plan is available to view online.

Some of the functions and facilities the Town Council provides:

  • Public Toilets and Town Ranger Service
  • Shop Mobility
  • Civic Hall Community Hire and Live Shows
  • Floral Displays and Christmas Lights
  • £69k in Grants and Contributions to Local Organisations
  • Community Events
  • Tourist Information Centre
  • Markets Indoor and Outdoor, and Speciality Markets
  • Brookfield Hall Community Building
  • 3 Allotment Sites
  • Climate Change Initiatives

Proposed average Band D Home Contribution £157.31 per annum / £3.02 per week (down 10% form 2021/22)

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Drawing Of A Person On Mobility Scooter
Cartoon Musician
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Cartoon Market Stall
Allotment Cartoon
People Considering Environmental Issues

Where does the proposed £1,392,216 budget come from?

Annual Precept

£839,136 / 60.27%

Of the budget comes from the domestic ratepayer’s precept (council tax).

The Town Council does not receive any portion of the business rates or Government grants.

Income From Services

£553,080 / 39.73%

Of the budget comes from fees and services such as markets, Civic Hall shows, hall/room hire.

Wherever possible the Town Council aims to provide community facilities at the lowest cost possible to reduce the burden on the taxpayer. At the same time providing the facilities that the community wants and needs. The aim is to offset low cost community facility provision with commercially viable events, i.e. weekend live shows.

There are some facilities and services which are not commercially viable including Town Ranger services, public toilets, CCTV and floral displays, these do not generate income as they are free for the public’s benefit.

Capital ProposalsScales Balancing Money And People

It is proposed that large capital plans are to be funded through the Capital Receipt Reserves held by the Town Council. Capital Receipt Reserves are funds received from the disposal of land which can only be spent on any lawful capital purpose (Local Government Act 2003, s11). The current Capital Receipt Reserves held are £523,690.

The Town Council is currently consulting with its residents, businesses and visitors to the Town on whether there should be investment at the former Snowhill site to re-introduce public conveniences.
Should the consensus be in support of investment then the cost of the investment will be funded through the Capital Receipt Reserves which will not impact on the Town Council’s budget and precept demand.

What will it cost per average household (Band D)?

Pie Chart 2021

Community Services


Civic Hall

Brookfield Hall

Tourism / Tourist Information Centre

Christmas Lights / Community Events

Community Grants / Contributions

Total £826,310 (61%)
Net Cost £304,535

Finance and Support Services

Council Administration

Support Services – IT, Professional Fee, Insurance, etc.

Civic and Elections


Total £241,262 (18%)

Grounds and Environmental Services

Town Centre / Environmental / CCTV


Floral Displays

Public Toilets

Total £179,312 (13%)

Asset Maintenance

Maintenance from revenue

£105,000 (8%)

Total Annual Revenue Budget £1,392,216
Annual Cost per Household (Band D) £157.31 per year/£3.02 per week, a decrease of £17.48 per year / 34 pence per week compared to 2021-2022.

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