Real. Raw. Milk.

Andrew Hollinshead

Stall Name:
Real. Raw. Milk.

My Name:

I’m Located:
Indoor Market

My Trading Days:
Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday

What I Sell

I sell Raw Milk, Kefir, Yogurt, Mascarpone, Butter, Cream – all produced from our herd on the farm. I stock a fine selection of local cheese, wine chutney and condiments.

You can also buy home reared beef and farm eggs from our farm shop, open Monday’s Wednesday’s & Fridays.

How long have you been at Nantwich Market:

I have been trading at Nantwich Market for two and a half Years.

Promotions and Deals

Tuesday is Deal Day, Always!

Three Reasons To Visit Nantwich Market

  • Produce is of the highest quality.
  • Stall holders are all very friendly, making it a lovely atmosphere to shop in.
  • The market hall is traditional and a flagship of the town.