Mayor And Partnership Members At Mill Island Seating Area

The Mayor of Nantwich Councillor Stuart Bostock visited Mill Island on Friday to take a look at the new seating feature.

From an idea initiated by Jeff Stubbs chair of Nantwich Partnership and Civic Society, the area now features a pretty, informal, semi-circle of benches and boulders backed by Cherry trees.

Nantwich Partnership worked alongside ANSA and a landscape architect to create a seating area with a natural look that blends into the landscape.

Jeff commented: “This idea has been in the pipe-lines for a while now.  During the pandemic we have seen an increase in the use of the river and canal, and we felt that the seating needed to be designed in such a way to create social spaces, where people could relax and spend a good amount of time enjoying the atmosphere of the town centre.”

Visiting the feature, the Mayor of Nantwich said: “Mill Island is a special place to me, I grew up playing around here and also worked at the Mill.  I am delighted with the results of this project and feel it will be a real asset to community.  I would like to thank all those involved in the project for their hard work.”