Town Crier Advert

Nantwich is searching for a new Town Crier. If you think you have the desire and voice to be Nantwich’s new Town Crier then pick up an application form today!

Application forms can be found at the Nantwich Town Council office at Nantwich Civic Hall, Market Street, Nantwich, or online.

Job Description
The post of Nantwich Town Crier is initially for the period of 1 year, after which there will be the option for renewal on an annual basis subject to the Town Council being satisfied with the performance of the person in question.

The appointee represents Nantwich and its residents, so you are expected to maintain a high standard of appropriate behaviour and courtesy at all times during your duties and at competitions. You are required to be clean, smart, sober, polite and jovial.

The appointee will receive items of clothing in order to perform their duties. These will remain the property of Nantwich Town Council and must be returned at the end of the appointment. Nantwich Town Council will reimburse dry cleaning costs for the uniform for up to but not exceeding three times per financial year.

Nantwich Town Crier is required to write a relevant cry for each event they are engaged. Approval will be required by the Town Clerk, or the Deputy, prior to performance. Word limit for cries is 100-200 words.  All cries must commence with ‘Oyez, Oyez, Oyez’ and must conclude with ‘God save the Queen’.  All cries must be non-political and non-religious and must be in good taste and in the spirit of the role.  You will be expected to have and develop a good local knowledge, with an understanding of the Town and its history.

It is anticipated you will attend Nantwich civic events. You will liaise with the Town Clerk regarding all matters concerning your role.  It is also anticipated you will attend all major events in the Town.

There may be other important events to announce, all in consultation with the Town Clerk.

It is anticipated you will be invited to perform cries throughout the year promoting various charitable events.

Many of the neighbouring villages may also wish to use your services at their summer fetes, attendance at these will be at your own discretion and subject to authority from the Town Clerk.

The Town Council reserves the right to refuse permission for any activity which they may consider inappropriate or contrary to the policies of the Town Council.

Voluntary position
The post of Town Crier is voluntary and unpaid however the Town Council agrees to give favourable consideration towards a nominal honorarium to contribute to wear and tear of parts of your attire not provided by the Council and as a token of the Council’s gratitude.

The Council agrees to include your position within its Public Liability Insurance.

Other income
Invitations to perform commercial cries for local businesses in the area, e.g. opening of stores, are both encouraged and allowed, subject to approval from the Town Clerk. Fees for such engagements will be negotiated by you and be yours to keep. The Council reminds you that such income must be declared to HMRC as appropriate.

The Town Council reserves the right to refuse permission for any activity which they may consider inappropriate or contrary to the policies of the Town Council.

You are encouraged to join the nationwide Ancient and Honourable Guild of Town Criers and the annual membership will be reimbursed to you.

Attendance at competitions, unless at your own expense, must be agreed in advance by the Town Council.

Please note:
Any person found by the Town Council to be in serious breach of any of the above conditions, or otherwise be considered as having brought the position into disrepute, will be immediately removed from the role of Nantwich Town Crier. Any person who has been dismissed by the Town Council from the post of Nantwich Town Crier, for bringing the position into disrepute, will not be eligible to hold the post at any other time in the future.

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