We are working with St Mary’s Church Nantwich to revamp the beds outside the Parish Hall as well as other areas in the vicinity of the Church.

We are also working with Dementia Friendly Nantwich to support their campaign to increase awareness of Dementia and are planning displays to coordinate with their theme of forget-me-nots along with a sensory memories garden to link with their work.’

Community groups are invited to join in a ‘Memories of times gone by’ decorated and planted pot project to support the Dementia Friendly Nantwich campaign.’

What we would like you to do is:

  • Decorate the outside of the pot
  • Plant it with flowering plants with memories from your youth to remind you of ‘Days gone by’ – these can be grown from seed or be container grown plants
  • Look after the pot by watering, feeding and removing any dead blooms or pests and diseases until mid July
  • Allow it to be photographed by a Nantwich in Bloom volunteer

In previous years we have held a Community presentation evening to award certificates to Community Venues and Elderly Peoples’ Homes for their floral displays.

Pot Decorated And Planted By Richmond
Nantwich In Bloom Logo
Community Project Work
Orange flower display in pot
Floral display in pots created by Alms House residents

Certificates will be awarded to all entries and there will be a small prize for each group’s decorated pot.

If you would be interested in receiving a pot for the Community Groups’ decorated pot project, please contact:

Sue Hughes             suemarigold@btinternet.com or

Sue Sherwood         suevsherwood@btinternet.com