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Your Town. Your Say.

The Annual Town Meeting is an open meeting for all residents of Nantwich, and whilst it is organised by the Town Council, it is not a council meeting.

The meeting is chaired by the Mayor of Nantwich with the Town Clerk taking the minutes, with Councillors having no more standing than other electors of Nantwich.

The meeting is an open forum giving residents an opportunity to raise issues they feel are important to the town. This could include:

  • Suggesting ideas for the Town Council to investigate
  • Raising concerns about planned activities in the town
  • Asking questions to the Town Council
  • Raising general issues affecting the town

Any registered elector for Nantwich has the right to speak at the meeting, full details are included in the agenda.


Due to current Covid restrictions the meeting will take place online through Zoom. Those wanting to join the meeting should register their name with Samantha Roberts, Town Clerk by calling 01270 619224 or email nantwichtc@nantwichtowncouncil.gov.uk.

Join the meeting, only those pre-registered will be admitted.

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