Council meeting setup


The Council meets monthly (except in the month of August) usually the second Thursday of the month.

The meetings are held in the Peggy Killick Suite, Nantwich Civic Hall, Market Street, Nantwich, CW5 5DG.

Meetings are open to members of the public except during the consideration of confidential items; the reasons for which are as prescribed in the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960.

Members of the public may speak for up to three minutes per person at meetings, regarding items which are on that meeting agenda. A total of 15 minutes per meeting is allocated for public speaking.

Any queries or comments regarding items not on the meeting agenda cannot be discussed and should be put in writing to the Town Clerk.

For meetings scheduled for 2021/2022 and current Agendas visit Nantwich Town Council’s meetings calendar.

Minutes for 2021/20222 meetings can be viewed here and minutes from pre-2021 are archived here.


Nantwich Council Logo Transbg 280x280To undertake its work the Council has a number of committees reporting to the full Council.

Town Council – Chair, Councillor Stuart Bostock, Mayor

Policy – Chair, Councillor Peter Groves

Finance – Chair, Councillor David Marren

Staffing – Chair, Councillor Arthur Moran

The Mayor of the Council sits ex-officio on all Panels and Committees.

Policy Committee

Membership: Councillors Butterill (Vice Chair), Groves (Chair), Marren, Martin, Staley, Statham and Thomas.

Terms of Reference:

Review the effective operation of the Council, its policies and procedures.

Annual Risk Assessment of Council services, business and assets. Consideration of planning applications and to make observations on behalf of the Council.

Staffing Committee

Membership: Councillors  Groves, Greave, Kirkham (Vice Chair), Martin, Moran (Chair) and Thomas.

Finance Committee

Membership: Councillors Greaves, Marren (Chair), Kirkham Moran, Staley, Statham (Vice Chair) and Wedgwood.

Terms of Reference:

Budget proposals and precept recommendation.

Financing of future projects

Financial Regulations, including regulations relating to contracts Insurance and Indemnities Banking and investment policies and practice Arrangements for receipts and payments, including signing and authorisation of cheques Audit Fees, charges and rents payable both to and by the Council Salaries and other remuneration and similar payments (e.g., pensions)

Nantwich Town Council

Membership: Councillors Bostock (Chair), Butterill, Greaves, Groves, Kirkham, Marren, Martin, Moran, Staley, Statham, Thomas, Wedgwood

Terms of Reference:

Council is a meeting of all Councillors and is chaired by The Mayor

Full Council’s decision making responsibilities include agreeing strategies and plans, setting budgets, taking decisions on executive functions outside approved policy or budget framework,  adopting and / or changing the constitution.

It is also a forum for debate on policy issues.