The Nantwich Riverside Loop is a scenic 3 mile/5km walk, mostly along riverside and canal paths

  • Appropriate footwear is required for walking through fields.
  • There are two sets of stairs for joining and leaving the canal path.
  • There are no stiles on this walk only bridlegates and one fieldgate. All use sprung catches.

Nantwich Lake Nantwich Loop Walk Sign Wooden Canal Horse

Boats And Pedestrians Along Nantwich Canal Nantwich Loop Walk Pathway Lake In Nantwich

  • The walk starts at St Anne’s lane (parking can be close by at Love Lane or Snowhill). Follow the signspost over the footbridge. Take the left path.
  • Follow the path and signposts, with the river on your left. Cross a small bridge then another on your left over the river.
  • Turn right walking under the railway line.
  • Follow right hand path. On the left path is Nantwich’s Memorial for pilot Lt. Brown.
  • Walk past the conservation pond, over the footbridge, then between Nantwich lake and river Weaver. Cross the Lake footbridge.
  • At Shrewbridge road cross over onto the footpath. Walk right along the road for 110 metres. On your right is a signposted gap in the hedge with a bridlegate behind it. Cross the road again carefully and go through the gate.
  • Walk directly over the field and through two bridlegates over the stream.
  • Keep right while walking over the bank. Walk past the stile. Continue into the top right corner of the field, enter the small fenced enclosure through the tall fieldgate.
  • Go through the bridlegate (not fieldgate), walk along the field edge with the boundary on your left.
  • Go through more bridlegates and take care while crossing the railway line. Close all gates behind you.
  • Through another bridlegate,then walk along the path between fences which is elevated over a pond. Exit via the next bridlegate.
  • Remain on the left hand side adjacent to the boundry. Walk through the final bridlegate onto Green lane.
  • Walk down the steps in front alongside the bridge onto the Shropshire Union Canal.
  • Turn right along the canal following the signpost. Keep going until you reach the aquaduct over Welsh Row.
  • Cross the aquaduct then down the steps onto Welsh Row. Alternatively, Walk down the ramp a few metres further ahead.
  • Walk along Welsh Row towards the town centre until you see St Anne Lane and car park on your right.

Around Nantwich & Acton

This walk is 5mile/8.5km long. It extends the Nantwich Riverside Loop incorporating Acton, views of Dorfold Hall and more of the Shropshire Union Canal.

  1. Follow the Nantwich Riverside Loop Directions 1-12Acton Church
  2. Walk over the bridge to the end of Green Lane
  3. Walk Left along Marsh lane (approx 630 metres) up to the next right-hand turn Dig Lane
  4. Continue along Dig lane until you see a fieldgate ahead (the road curves left)
  5. Go through the gate and follow the path. You can see Dorfold Hall and Acton Church.
  6. Emerging in Acton, turn left along the Chester Road (A534) for 240 metres, then cross the road and into Wilbraham Road.Dorfold Hall
  7. Follow the footpath ahead through the field and over the bridge onto the Shropshire Union Canal.
  8. Walk left along the canal, past Nantwich marina until you reach the aquaduct over Welsh Row.
  9. Go down the steps. Continue along Welsh Row towards the town centre until you see St Anne Lane and car park on the right.

Two Saints Way

An 88 mile pilgrimage route between Chester and Lichfield; via Nantwich, Stoke-on-Trent and Stafford.

It can be walked in either direction. Follow the cross of St Chad from Chester to Lichfield and follow the goose of St Werburgh from Lichfield to Chester.

For more information visit the Two Saints Way website.

Two Saints Way Logo
Two Saints Way Map
Walkers on the Two Saints Way

Crewe to Nantwich Greenway

The Crewe to Nantwich Greenway is open to pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders. It is ideal for a family stroll or bike ride. As most of the wide pathway is protected from the road it is ideal for children. The route is also popular with commuters. The main path is adjacent to Middlewich Road up to the Wistaston Green Road junction. Then it follows Wistaston Brook and emerges on The King George V park.

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Greenway Artwork

Take a stroll a little further...

Would you like to discover more walks in the surrounding area?  Below we have a listed a couple more walks for your information and useful sites include John Harris Walking In England site and Cheshire East Walks webpage.

Weaver Way

A 40 mile/65km walk between Audlem and Frodsham; via Nantwich, Winsford and Northwich. Mostly level terrain along canal and riverside paths. Parts of the Weaver Way take you along country lanes and through town centres. There are some gates along the route but it is largely stile free.

OS Explorer maps 257 and 267

The Sandstone Trail

This is an elevated trail with various stunning panoramic views. It is 34 miles /55km long, stretching from Frodsham to Whitchurch. You can see for miles from the high peaks of Rawhead and Beeston Castle, located 12 miles from Nantwich. The trail is waymarked by black and yellow circles, with a footprint and the letter ‘S’. There are also 20 large blue noticeboards along the route displaying maps, route directions, points of interest and other useful information.

South Cheshire Way

This long walk takes you from Grindley Brook, Shropshire (on the Shropshire Union Canal) through Cheshire to Mow Cop, Staffordshire. It is 32 miles/51km long, winding through the beautiful scenery of Peckforton Hills and Marbury Mere. Follow the black and yellow waymarkers labeled SCW. For

OS Explorer maps 257 and 268.