Nantwich Litter Group

Nantwich Litter Group is a well-established group of volunteers who come together to clean their local areas.

They organise their own litter picks, set their own priorities and work totally independent of the Council.  These groups of volunteers are armed with safety equipment and litter picking equipment.

The group are greatly assisted by ANSA, (formerly Streetscape, Cheshire East Council’s Street Cleansing Department), who arrange disposal of bags of litter and other rubbish collected by the volunteers and lend support to special requests such as positioning of litter bins and clearing problem areas.

An Education Liaison Volunteer has recently been appointed and is working in co-operation with local schools to encourage litter awareness within school groups.

Considerable publicity has been achieved through local media, highlighting the group’s aims and activities.  This has provided a useful platform for specific issues of concern such as fly tipping and dog fouling.

Nantwich Litter Group In Town Centre
The Nantwich Litter Group Team
Nantwich Litter Group Preparing For A Pick
A Nantwich Litter Picker Working
A Nantwich Litter Group Volunteer
Nantwich Litter Group Volunteer

Why not get involved?

New volunteers are always welcome and equipment can be provided.

Nantwich Litter Group believe that by

“Working Together – We Can Make a Difference”

More information on becoming on a member.

Why take part in a community litter pick?

  • By joining a local group, you will be meeting like-minded people and getting to know your community
  • Working together with others in your community you will harness local support for cleaning up litter
  • You will be taking action on an issue that you care about
  • You will live in a nicer, cleaner and better-looking environment after taking part in a few local litter picks
  • You will be out in the fresh air!
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Keep Britain Tidy’s “Love Where You Live"

Love Where You Live is a campaign being run by Keep Britain Tidy, the environmental charity and anti-litter campaign for England, with the aim of inspiring everyone to think about their communities and take actions to reduce litter in the locations where they live, the places they visit and the spaces that they use.  It is about everyone taking responsibility – individuals, local authorities, government and multi-national companies to change the way people think and act about littering.  We all love something about where we live and this campaign is about everyone working together to make change happen.  No one is excluded as we can all do something, whoever we are, to make where we live a better place.  Find out more about Love Where You Live.


Samantha Roberts
Town Clerk
Nantwich Town Council

Nantwich Civic Hall, Market Street, Nantwich, Cheshire, CW5 5DG

Telephone: 01270 619224

Email: nantwichtc@nantwichtowncouncil.gov.uk

Litter Pick Dates

The Nantwich Litter Group meet on the last Wednesday of every month at 10am, at different locations around the town.

Please find below details of the latest schedule of litter picks, if you would like to join please contact Town Clerk.

Show you care – be litter aware!