Nantwich In Bloom's Environmental Responsibility

As an organisation we at Nantwich in Bloom are keenly aware of the part we have to play in establishing and sustaining a  thriving and healthy local environment.  We keep this consideration at the heart of our thinking, planning and activities, and we review our progress regularly.

Bees On Flowers
Butterfly On Flowers
Nantwich Sign Surrounded By Plants4
Plant Beds At Railway
Purple Flowers
Selection Of Flowers

To date, our involvement in environmental initiatives include:

  • creating and maintaining colourful, uplifting and hopefully beautiful floral displays to give pleasure to local residents and visitors
  • sourcing plants and materials as locally as possible to help reduce our carbon footprint. For example, we are beginning to produce more of our own plants on our allotment
  • increasing the number of sustainable plant displays using perennial plants to give colour and interest throughout the year, so reducing the need for constant replacement of plants and a reliance on annuals.  Our displays at the railway station and the ‘Welcome to Nantwich beds’ are an example of this, as of course is the community orchard
  • choosing plants which are beneficial to pollinators and other wildlife
  • using no harmful chemicals in our plant raising and displays
  • recycling and reusing wherever possible.  This includes plant pots, seed trays, green waste collection bags and the like, as well as using recycled materials to make, for example, paths and compost bays on the allotment.  We are also beginning to propagate, divide and overwinter plants for use in subsequent seasons
  • increasing the amount of composting we can do, with the aim of producing some of our planting medium and soil improver requirements
  • working with other voluntary groups to the benefit of the local environment, for example by helping recently in the removal of invasive non-native plants from the riverside area and by getting involved in litter reduction initiatives
  • collaborating with schools and young people’s groups on environmental matters such as the establishment of ‘bug hotels’ and bird feeders

There’s always more to be done, of course, but Nantwich in Bloom is sincere in our commitment to protecting the environment into the future.  We’ll keep at it!