Benches On Town SquareNantwich Town Council supports the needs and principles of allowing memorial benches within the town and is mindful that these facilities are enjoyed by a wide range of people.

Through this policy the Council will try to ensure that the facilities are regulated and managed. The Council recognises however that many of the public open spaces within the town are not under its control and will seek to work with the Borough Council, Cheshire East, in pursuing this policy. The policy will be reviewed at least every four years and proposed amendments shall be submitted to the Council for approval.

This policy will be made available to the general public and all applicants for memorial benches will be issued with a copy.


The Council is seeking to ensure it is adopting a clear, measurable and sympathetic approach to the management of these facilities, which takes account of the sometimes contrasting needs of a variety of users.

The policy will also ensure that only memorial benches are erected which are instigated by the next of kin or executor and that benches have a common appearance, style and size which are appropriate for that location and will not cause offence to others.

The policy will establish responsibility for maintenance, repair and replacement. The Council through this policy will endeavour to always offer the highest standard of service in undertaking its management and regulatory responsibility.


On completion of your application you can select a preferred location for your bench and the Town Council will liaise with ANSA and Cheshire East to try to meet your request.

The Town Council currently do not have any plans for sighting new benches, but will replace, update and use benches like for like that Cheshire East have already granted permission for.


Nantwich Town Council will offer the following:

  • Memorial bench with plaque
  • Memorial plaque on an existing bench (subject to availability)

The Council will limit the number of memorial benches in particular areas so that they shall not detract from the prime purpose of the site. Therefore the size and location of the site shall limit the number permitted. The Council reserves the right to refuse applications on this basis.

The Council shall specify the type of benches to be installed / planted to be in keeping with the intended location.

Lease Period

All memorials are based on a 10-year lease, and can be renewed after this period if the applicant wishes. The fee covers the purchase, delivery and installation of the memorial, together with the ongoing repair and maintenance for the 10-year period.

Upon the end of the 10-year period any memorial plaques shall be removed and may be collected by the applicant. The Council reserves the right to remove any bench, tree or shrub, which in its opinion is damaged or beyond economic repair.

Inscriptions for Bench Plaques

Memorial plaques shall be affixed in the centre of the upper most lath of the back of the bench.

The inscription on the plaque is to be restricted to “In (Loving) Memory of” the name of the person and the dates of birth and death.


  • Once your Memorial Benches Application Form has been received and location agreed, the Town Council shall arrange for the purchase and planting / installation of the preferred memorial.
  • The Council reserves the right to remove any memorial benches that have been damaged and are in the view of the Council beyond economical repair.
  • The Council accepts no liability for damage to any memorial benches from vandals, third parties or whilst routine maintenance is being carried out.
  • The Council will not grant applications for memorial benches to pets.
  • No additional mementos e.g. vases, statues, flowers, wreaths, balloons or other ornamentation etc., shall be permitted on or around the bench. These shall be removed without reference to the original applicant.

Payment is required with every completed application form. Cheques should be made payable to Nantwich Town Council.


Nantwich Town Council reserves the right to plant trees, install benches where appropriate.

Nantwich Town Council will maintain responsibility for the memorial and associated plaque during the 10-year lease period. This will include any preservation, treatment, repair works and replacement of the memorial where required due to fair wear and tear or vandalism.

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