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Pride in the Province Gill Rossini Talk

‘Pride in the Provinces: an LGBT History of Cheshire’ talk at Nantwich Museum on Saturday 16 July at 11am

Nantwich Pride takes place on Saturday 16 July. To commemorate this, Nantwich Museum will be hosting a talk that day at 11am entitled ‘Pride in the Provinces: an LGBT History of Cheshire’ by Gill Rossini.

Gill is the author of the book “Same Sex Love 1700-1957: A History and Research Guide” and is a professional historian and lecturer who specialises in researching the lives of the marginalised, the poor, and those who in the past were regarded as transgressive in their behaviour.

The talk starts at 11am on Saturday 16 July in the Museum’s Millennium Gallery. The cost is £5 and can be booked through the Museum’s online shop:

16 July 2022 – Pride in the Provinces: an LGBT History of Cheshire

For further information contact: Nantwich Museum on enquiries@nantwichmuseum.org.uk or telephone 01270 627104; Website: www.nantwichmuseum.org.uk. https://www.facebook.com/nantwichmuseum