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Nantwich Climate Change Seminar - Monday 26th September, 7pm

Do you want to learn more about Climate Change or share your ideas on how we can tackle the impact of Climate Change in Nantwich?

Nantwich Town Council in partnership with the Nantwich Climate Change Working Group are working on developing the town’s first Climate Change Action Plan.

We are holding a FREE Climate Seminar, at Nantwich Civic Hall, to enable everyone to have input and to try to establish what the town’s priorities should be.  The event will feature three speakers who will share their knowledge and experiences on tackling climate change, along with stalls highlighting how you can get involved or make changes.

The Town Council and working group are keen to hear from the residents, businesses and key stakeholders in the town. They want to know what your concerns and priorities are and what actions you think we can take to reduce our Carbon Footprint.

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Ashton Hayes Parish Council

Kate joins us in Nantwich to report on how the tightly-knit community of Ashton Hayes, located in rural Cheshire, has become the first completely carbon neutral town in England. Since the project began in 2006, they have significantly cut back CO2 emissions – in part by running their own community-owned renewable energy company.

Charlotte Hollins, Manager, Fordhall Community Land Initiative

Charlotte manages the Fordhall Community Land Initiative (charitable community benefit society) which owns Fordhall Organic Farm, North Shropshire, England.

Charlotte grew up at Fordhall and immediately after leaving University (Degree in Environmental Management and Mathematics) she led the high-profile campaign working with many volunteers that saved Fordhall Organic Farm from industrial development in 2006: raising an amazing £800,000 in less than 6 months through the sale of £50 non-profit making community shares. Now England’s first community owned farm, Fordhall is a national asset and a pioneering example of what can be achieved when people care about the countryside and join together to act upon it.

Charlotte will be talking about the success of working with the community to save the farm, the importance of sustainable local food and how this supports mitigating climate change.

Kate Gilmartin

Kate is an expert in renewable energy installations by assisting communities to identify, develop and invest in their own renewable energy projects.

She has assisted communities to install renewable energy projects not only can they save carbon, but also receive good rates of return on investment but also provide an additional funding pot for further community projects.

Kate will be talking about Nantwich’s community renewable energy project.