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Applications are invited for flat roof refurbishments to be submitted in writing to Nantwich Town Council, Civic Hall, Market Street, Nantwich, CW5 5DG by Friday 8th October 2021 at 4.30pm

The roof in question is a parapet flat roof of approx. 174m2 currently converted in asphalt. The parapet appears to be the source of water ingress. It’s topped with a concrete coping and most likely the dpc and cavity tray are absent because water staining is present in all of the perimeter walls in the function room below.

Access to this roof would be via scaffold in two lifts the second lift being from the small area flat roof (6m2) shown on the bottom left of the drawing.

The new roof covering would be Hambleside Danelaw’s Dryseal Single Ply membrane over-laying the existing asphalt (once cleaned and prepared) The Dryseal would be taken vertically up the inner face of the parapet (approx. 1m) and dressed over the coping stone to form a complete water tight barrier.

Insulation is to be added above the asphalt to provide increased insulation and falls which at present are inadequate.

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