Notification of a tender that is on Contracts Finder

The tender consists of the following works to Nantwich Civic Hall:-

1.           Rear extension to the Civic Hall to provide

a.           A multipurpose room containing an acoustic room divider
b.           Demolition of a store and reconstruction to provide an additional changing room for back of stage areas
c.           Extension of an access corridors
d.           Provision of a toilet and cleaners rooms
e.           Formation of a bin store
f.            Structure is designed to support a future upper extension.

2.           Alterations within the Civic Centre itself which need to be completed before 1 April 2021 to allow the existing areas to be open for the Nantwich Jazz and Blues Festival

a.           Form a ramp between the dance floor and side seating area – timber flooring
b.           Alterations to the kitchen to erect a wall to form a Means of Escape corridor
c.           Alterations to the kitchen to form a new doorway through the rear wall into the bin store.
d.           Formation of a partition and door to separate the dry store
e.           Widening of a door opening into the laundry and electrical & vent works to provide commercial washer and dryer
f.            Widening of a door openings to back of stage area
g.           Provision of heating to the ceiling void of the hall inc ventilation to the flat roof
h.           Alterations to vents onto the flat roof to the kitchen
i.            Installation of a concrete roof above the kitchen area to allow for future first floor extension

3.           Alterations to existing services running across the back of the Civic Hall, to bring these into the proposed extension ceiling

4.           Alterations to ducts to the back of the civic hall to bring these out to ventilation grilles on the rear elevation, and roof cowls

5.           Alterations to the rear car park area to

a.           Provision of a pavement to the rear of the Civic Hall to provide safe access from the pay meter to the rear of the Civic Hall and to the Library
b.           Provide new white lining to 23 car park spaces increasing the no of spaces by 1, all of the spaces would be marked out to current standards
c.           11 of these spaces would be compliant disabled/parent and child spaces.
d.           Provision of yellow marking zones to provide safe access to disabled/parent and child spaces and safe access to the Civic Hall and Pay meter
e.           Provision of a yellow cross hatched delivery zone to the rear of the Civic Hall
f.            Provision of a zone for motorbike parking
g.           Provision of bicycle hoops

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