Council Information


The Town Council boundary and wards are shown on the map below.   The population within the town boundary is about 14000 and the Council serves an electorate of 11417.     The population of Nantwich including the residential areas in the adjoining parishes of Stapeley and Henhull is about 17,000.


The Precept

Each year the Council raises finance by setting a precept levied on the households within its boundary.  The precept is the town council’s share of the council tax and is set by the Council at its meeting in January.  The precept demand goes to the billing authority, Cheshire East, which collects the tax for the Town Council.  The ‘Precept’ is converted into an amount per Council Tax Band that is added onto the Council Tax bill.


The Town Council estimates its income and expenditure for each financial year.   The net amount (the precept) is added to council tax, collected by Cheshire East and paid to the Town Council in two six-monthly instalments.