South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce & Industry



Shaun Cafferty

The South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce and Industry is recognised as the independent voice of Business for South Cheshire, including Nantwich.  One of its Board Directors, Shaun Cafferty, has portfolio responsibility for Nantwich, and represents the Chamber to local businesses and to those groups involved in supporting the Nantwich economy, including of course Nantwich Town Council.

Shaun explains:  ‘My Chamber role is a voluntary one. It’s largely ambassadorial, flying the Chamber flag in Nantwich but also in turn representing the interests of Nantwich within the Chamber and beyond.  As a nationwide legally constituted body, the Chamber is increasingly used by National and Local Government to provide input to policy making decisions and key projects which affect the local economy.  To do this successfully we need to be in touch with the concerns and feelings of the many local businesses in and near to Nantwich. Of course, it is also an opportunity for these organisations to influence events.’

‘Nantwich has its own economic interests and issues, and it’s important that these don’t get lost within the bigger local picture.  Every town has to fight its own corner to get its share of economic prosperity.  We are working with the groups and organisations, including the Town Council, who are also committed in their various ways to sustaining and growing the Nantwich economy and enhancing our prosperity as a town. We are seeing where the Chamber can usefully input, support and facilitate local organisations and initiatives to achieve these aims.’

Shaun has lived and worked in Nantwich for many years and founded the property company Martin&Co in the town 8 years ago.  He has been actively involved in supporting community events such as the Nantwich Fun Day, and organises the annual Battle of Nantwich celebrations known as Holly Holy Day.  He can be contacted either directly on or via the Chamber on 01270-504700.

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