Local Contacts

Community spirit in Nantwich is very strong and supports a large number of groups, societies and sports clubs. If you wish your group to be added to this list please e-mail nantwichtc@nantwichtowncouncil.gov.uk

Brine Leas High School www.brineleas.co.uk  (01270 625663)
Crewe and Nantwich Rugby Club www.creweandnantwichrufc.com (01270 569506)
“Dabbers” Nantwich John Brough www.dabbersnantwich.me.uk
Guy Harvey Youth Club Sonia O’Hara (01270 625581)
Holly Holy Day Society www.hollyholyday.org.uk (01270 623984)
Lions Youth Brass Paul Darlington pdalington@btinternet.com
Malbank High School www.malbank.com (01270 611009)
Nantwich and Border Counties Sailing Club Kathryn Bate kathryn_osborn@hotmail.com
Nantwich Air Training Corp www.100sqn.co.uk 100@aircadets.org
Nantwich Big Cheese Film Club Katharine Dowson simonandkatharine@btinternet.com
Nantwich Bridge Club www.ebu.co.uk (01270 842854) Club Secretary
Nantwich Camera Club John Dodd (01270 623248) fstop39@tiscali.co.uk
Nantwich Concert Band www.nantwichband.co.uk info@nantwichband.co.uk (01270 663795)
Nantwich Choral Society www.nantwichchoral.org.uk (01270 625579)
Nantwich Citizens Advice Bureau www.citizensadvice.org.uk (01270 625565)
Nantwich Cricket Club www.nantwich.play-cricket.com/home/home.asp (01270 626155)
Nantwich Civic Hall Nantwich Town Council (01270 628633)
Nantwich Civic Society www.nantwichcivicsociety.org.uk/ Chair – Jeff Stubbs (01270 625272)
Nantwich Evening Townswomen’s Guild Valerie Lowe valeriejlowe@hotmail.co.uk
Nantwich Food Festival deborah.foodfestival@yahoo.co.uk
Nantwich Football Club www.nantwichtownfc.com (01270 621771)
Nantwich Gardeners Guild Betty Rhodes 820383 elizabeth.rhodes1@mypostoffice.co.uk
Nantwich Jazz Festival www.nantwichjazz.com/
Nantwich in Bloom (01270 625575 or 01270 652513)
Nantwich Harriers Phil Cliff phil.cliff@dsl.pipex.com
Nantwich Litter Group Joyce Webb 01270 626435 joycewebb47@hotmail.com
Nantwich Museum www.nantwichmuseum.org.uk (01270 627104)
Nantwich News www.nantwich-news.co.uk/wordpress/
Nantwich Park Road Bowling Club John Roberts (01270 624534) jroberts5@sky.com
Nantwich Players’ Theatre www.nantwichplayers.com  (01270 624566)
Nantwich Probus Club Donald Charlesworth 01270 841266
Nantwich Rotary Club www.rotary-ribi.org/clubs/homepage.php?ClubID=305
Crewe and Nantwich Weaver Rotary Club www.weaver-rotary.org.uk/
Nantwich Seals Swimming Club Paula Hall paula.hall@sanitec.com
Nantwich Show 01270 780306 agl4nantwichshow@aol.com
Nantwich Swimming Pool nantwich.pool@cheshireeast.gov.uk – 01270 685590
Nantwich Tennis Club www.nantwich.totaltennis.net (01270 528275)
Nantwich Transport Festival www.nantwichtransportfestival.co.uk/ (01270 842957)
Nantwich Young Farmers Claire Lancaster clairelancaster@gmail.com
Nantwich Young Voices Victoria Palethorpe (01270 685020)
Nantwich Walled Garden Society www.nantwichwalledgarden.org.uk
Nantwich Words and Music Festival www.wordsandmusicfestival.com/
Pallgo Ramblers Pat LeGrice patlegrice@talktalk.net
Reaseheath College www.reaseheath.ac.uk/ (01270 625131) enquiries@reaseheath.ac.uk
Red Shift Radio www.redshiftradio.co.uk/
Samaritans www.crewesamaritans@btconnect.com (01270 216666)
St Mary’s Bellringers Edward Leetham edward@downstream.co.uk
St Mary’s Church www.stmarysnantwich.btinternet.co.uk (01270 625268)
The Family History Society of Cheshire – Nantwich Group www.fhsc.org.uk
The Cat Internet radio www.thisisthecat.com/
Tourist Information Nantwich Information Centre Nantwich Civic Hall (01270 628633)