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Autumn Newsletter

This year, despite the hot dry summer, the town has looked amazing. It has been a hard working summer for our volunteers, planting, replanting, watering and more watering in order to present Nantwich in prime condition to the RHS judges in an effort to achieve yet another Gold Medal for Nantwich in this year’s NorthWest in Bloom competition.

We were supported in this endeavour by our sponsors for the main beds, and local traders who willingly displayed hanging baskets outside their premises, overflowing with bright pink Surfinias. We were also well supported by our Town Council and ANSA who helped immensely with the watering.

Never have our volunteers worked so hard to nurture these plantings during the exceptionally hot weather and we were therefore devastated by the mindless destruction in the early hours of one Sunday morning when a group of 14/16 year olds destroyed many of the displays. The vandals were captured on CCTV and swiftly dealt with by the police who interviewed the perpetrators and their parents. Deemed too young to name they were ordered to pay for the plants and write letters of apology.

Nantwich in Bloom works hard to make the town look attractive for residents and visitors alike and will not be deflected by the vandalism witnessed over recent times.