Local Government Transparency Code

The Code of Recommended Practice for Local Authorities on Data Transparency

(Pursuant to Section 2 of the Local Government, Planning & Land Act 1980)

The Local Government Transparency Code came into effect in October 2014.   The code is recommended practice on data transparency and applies to Parish and Town Councils with a gross income or expenditure in excess of £200,000. The Government wants to increase transparency through publication of open data enabling tax payers to see how local authorities use public money.  Nantwich Town Council provides some of this information elsewhere on the website but has taken steps to update this page with the information required or a link to other pages on the website.

Expenditure over £500

The Council is obliged to publish any expenditure over £500, including supplier and transaction information.

Payments over £250

Purchase orders over £250

Senior Employees

The Town Council are required to publish details of any senior employee salaries, job descriptions etc. for those earning over £50,000 per annum. There is no employee of the Town Council earning in excess of this sum. 

Nantwich Town Council – StaffingStructure – with Grades 

Pay Multiple – April 2019

NTC Pay Multiple

Councillors Allowance & Expenses

Nantwich Town Council does not pay Councillors Allowances.   The Mayor and Councillors may claim expenses such as mileage.

Contracts and tenders to businesses and to the voluntary community and social enterprise sector.

Invitations to tender for work above £5,000 and the award of new contracts over £5,000 will appear here.

There are no current invitations to tender for work / new contracts.

Purchase Orders over £250

Grants to the voluntary community and social enterprise sector

List of grants, donations and awards.

Nantwich Town Council Community Grants 2019-20

Policies, Performance, External Audits and Key Inspections and Key Indicators.

Notice of Conclusion of Audit 2017-18

Nantwich Town Council Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2018-19 Part 3

Nantwich Town Council Annual Internal Audit Report

Standing Orders. (The Council does not have a constitution).

Financial Regulations.

Complaints policy.

The Location of Public Land and Building Assets

Asset Register – Nantwich Town Council Asset Register 2018-19

Copies of the Last Election results of the Town Council, and Council Minutes.

The Council decision making process is recorded in the official Council minutes which are published on this website.

Minutes of Council Meetings

The latest elections took place in May 2019, and members are serving for a four year term of office.

Election results – North and West Ward

Election results – South Ward

Town Councillors and contact details.

Trade union facility time

Total number of staff who are union representatives = 0 

Total number of union representatives who devote at least 50% of their time to union duties = NONE 

Names of all trade unions represented in the local authority = UNISON

Parking account and Parking spaces

The Town Council is not responsible for public car parks within Nantwich.   The Council has land on which it is able to park 10 vehicles.

Incidents of Fraud


For further information, please contact the Town Council by telephoning 01270 619224, or by emailing nantwichtc@nantwichtowncouncil.gov.uk