Town Council reduces Precept for 2014/15


Mr David F Marren

Councillor David Marren

The Town Council is pleased to announce that it will be reducing the precept for 2014/15.    At the Council meeting on 16 December the budget for next year was approved by Council members.   Members heard from the Chair of Finance, Councillor David Marren, that expenditure will fall next year resulting in a reduction in the precept by 5.91% from £472,680 to £444,740.

Councillor Marren said “This is due to continued savings and improving efficiency in running the Civic Hall and Market and has been achieved whilst taking on new services such as street entertainment, tourism, the comfort scheme, shopmobility and the allotments.”   The Band D property charge will fall from £95.24 to £89.74.


Mr Andrew E Martin

Councillor Andrew Martin

The Leader of the Council, Councillor Andrew Martin commented, “We are very pleased to be able to reduce the precept for next year, particularly in these difficult economic times.   The Council will continue to work hard to improve services and seek efficiencies.  There is a commitment to freezing the precept at this level for several years.  The reduction this year has been achieved whilst giving increasing support to our local organisations and events that make Nantwich such an attractive place to live and to visit.”

Arthur Moran

Councillor Arthur Moran

Councillor Arthur Moran added his support stating “I am pleased to support the reduction for next year.   This is good news for the people of Nantwich because when the Council took over the Civic Hall, the Market, the allotments and the toilets the precept had to increase to record levels so it is good that it can be reduced for next year”.


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