Civic Hall Extension Proposal

Nantwich Town Council has managed the Civic Hall since its transfer from Cheshire East Council in May 2012.  The hall was built in 1951 and has been extended on several occasions. 

The Civic Hall is an important venue with community groups, live music and entertainment and private functions for the town and surrounding area and the Town Council views it as an essential element in the provision of services at the local level. 

The Town Council wishes to invest in the Civic Hall to secure its long-term future as a community building serving the people of Nantwich and the surrounding area.  The Council wishes to add to the accommodation in order that the building can be used for a wider variety of community uses and events in the future.

The proposals are to build a single storey extension to the rear of the hall creating a large multi-purpose room, additional and improved dressing rooms, additional toilet facilities and refuse storage facilities.  In order to future proof the proposed extension the foundations and build would accommodate any plans for a second storey.

Image of current building

The Town Council is eager to affect an improvement to the current rather poor appearance the Hall’s existing rear elevation and yard presents, to this well used public area.  Strongly influenced by the building’s 1950’s ‘Civic Hall’ style, the proposed extension offers significant improvements to both the appearance and structural integrity of the existing rear extension.

The materials, colours and form of the proposed extension are reflective of both the Civic Hall’s prominent front elevation, along with the various finished materials featured on the contemporary buildings around the car park.

The addition of this extension and the resultant floor area represents a major investment based on a sound assessment of the requirements necessary to simultaneously host a multitude of diverse functions, touching the whole community of Nantwich and beyond.

The Town Council has submitted a planning application for the proposed development but would like to hear your views on the proposals.  You can have your say by either writing or emailing the Town Council at:

Nantwich Town Council, Civic Hall, Market Street, Nantwich, CW5 5DG


A final decision on the scheme will be made when planning permission is obtained, community views are considered, and the project fully costed.




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How much will the extension cost?

Initial estimates are in the region £200k, but detailed costed proposals will be developed following consultation and planning permission when preparing a tender.

How much will it cost the residents of Nantwich?

The extension will be funding from existing funds (Capital Receipts) held by the Town Council.  It will not have any additional cost on the local taxpayer.

What are Capital Receipts?

Capital receipts are generally funds arising from the disposal of (sale of) a capital asset (e.g. land).  Councils may only use capital receipts to meet capital expenditure (e.g. building extensions).

Why don’t you spend the money on other essential services (e.g. potholes, footpaths, roads, social care)?

The services shown in the example are services provided by Cheshire East Council.  Nantwich Town Council is not part of Cheshire East Council.  Nantwich Town Council is the first tier of local government with its own elected town councillors, appointed staff, budgets and income and expenditure which are independent of Cheshire East.

What are the benefits of having the extension?

It will:

  • Secure the future of the Civic Hall as a community building fit for purpose;
  • Maximise letting income and reduce operating costs;
  • Provide additional accommodation for community groups;
  • Enable staging of more shows and concerts;
  • Provide flexible accommodation for a variety of community needs;
  • Improve the appearance to the rear of the building.

Will car park spaces be lost where the extension is built?

During the construction period for health and safety purposes a small number of car park spaces will be closed for use by the public (in consultation with Cheshire East).  However, following the completion of the extension they will be re-instated with an additional one and a half bays created.  The half bay suitable for motorcycles.  The bays behind the extension will also be remarked by the Town Council

Will the Civic close during the planned work?

During the build of the extension the Civic Hall will remain open and all regular bookings will continue as usual.  There will be minimal disruption to the function of the hall.