Museum Exhibitions 2018


Nantwich Museum announces 2018 Exhibition Programme.

Nantwich Museum has announced its exhibition programme for 2018 featuring a wide range of art and historical subjects.

Exhibitions in the Millennium Gallery

“Nantwich Civic Society at 50,” until 20 January.

“Aspects of Cheshire” by the Cheshire Artists Network (CAN), 24 January – 14 April.

“A Life in Colour” by David Jewkes, 18 April – 14 July.

“Welsh Row” by the Nantwich Museum Research Group, 18 July – 13 October.

“2018 Nantwich Camera Club Photographic Exhibition,” 17 October – 5 January 2019.

Exhibitions in the Your Space Gallery

“Kaleidoscope 3” by Gordon Lancaster, until 6 January.

“The Siege & Battle of Nantwich” by Keith Lawrence, 9 January – 24 February.

“The Face of Nantwich” by Cath Kelly, 27 February – 14 April.

Rotary Club’s “Childrens’ Art and Handwriting Competition,” 17 April – 2 June.

“Nantwich Buildings” by Simon Bowler, 5 June – 21 July.

“Pathways” by Trisha James 24 July – 1 September

“British Wildlife around Nantwich” by Cath Kelly, 4 September – 27 October.

“Representation of the People” by David Morgan, 30 October – 8 December.

Entrance to the museum and exhibitions is free but small charges are made for some special events.

As arrangements can change, visitors are advised to check details before travelling to the museum in order to avoid disappointment. Note, the museum will be closed from Tuesday 6 February to Friday 9 February (inclusive).

For further information contact: Nantwich Museum on or telephone 01270 627104; Website: