Drawn From The Weaver Exhibition

River Weaver at Nantwich P1070133 1024“Drawn from the Weaver”, an exhibition by local artists Pamela Field, Pauline Leaver and Celia Rowlands is part of a visual exploration of the River Weaver from its source to entry into the Manchester Ship Canal running in the Your Space Gallery at Nantwich Museum from Wednesday 12 July to Saturday 9 September.Roots 1 by Pamela Field

The main interest of Pamela Field is mutability, especially the erosion of seemingly solid or permanent features – the way rivers move earth which was once stone or trees to create fresh landscapes and opportunities for growth. It is the exposed tree roots along the Weaver’s banks which became the main focus for her work in the exhibition.

Pauline Leaver comments “on our visits to the Weaver I became interested in patterns made by the flow of water, and the effects of human intervention such as locks, weirs, sluices and bridges. In some of the pictures, I have been unable to resist the temptation of digital intervention. In others, I accepted that nature knows best and have displayed the original photograph.

unnamed2Celia Rowlands work was inspired by the reflection in the water which she sought to reproduce in her oil paintings. Her smaller water colours and prints were inspired by looking at Google maps of the river winding through the countryside.

Pamela Field has worked as a designer/artist since leaving Hornsey College of Art [now Middlesex University] in 1971. Pauline Leaver and Celia Rowlands did Foundation courses at Northwich before gaining degrees at Camberwell in 1993, and Manchester in 1995, respectively. Since then the friends have taken time from their individual artistic pursuits to work together.

Entry to the museum and exhibition is free and many of the paintings are available for sale.Version 4

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