Join us for a spot of ‘Balsam Bashing’

himalayan-balsam-plant-burns-skin-threatens-River-Weaver- Himalayan Balsam is taking over the banks of the the Weaver in town. It smothers all other native plants out of the area, reducing the diversity of habitats for wildlife. It is a national problem as well as  increasing locally.

Some volunteers (Litter Group; Civic Society; Nantwich in Bloom and Nantwich Rotary) have decided to try to reduce the impact of balsam – by pulling it up. It has shallow roots, so is quite easy to get out. Just take hold low down the stem and pull! Put it in piles on the edge of the mown grass – and The Council kindly take the piles away for us.

There have been 2 Pulls so far – with a dozen volunteers each time. Enormous amounts of Balsam have been shifted, but…. there is still lots to do.volunteers-clear-himalayan-balsam-plant-burns-skin-threatens-River-Weaver-in-Nantwich

So, we decided to hold informal Daily Balsam Bashes starting at 10am next Monday 22nd August, meeting on Mill Island and then moving out to different sections of the banks.

All you need is a pair of gloves and stout boots. Long sleeves and long trousers, of course, as there are nettles present. If a few volunteers bring some hand shears you could cut the nettles away to enable better access to the Balsam.

We aim to do a shift of about an hour and a half to two hours, but feel free to come for half an hour if thats all you can spare.

It is surprisingly satisfying to see how much can be cleared!

Every bit helps.

Just turn up at 10am if you can, any morning next week.