Nantwich in Bloom Aspriations


The Old Biot

IMG_0004The Old Biot is essentially a Brine Spring adjacent to the river which currently feeds the open air brine swimming baths.  This spring commemorates the towns salt industry which was important from medieval times until the 18th century, and hence the name ‘Nantwich’ means ‘Vale of Salt’.

The current site was developed some years ago and has fallen into disrepair, the site until a few weeks ago was overgrown with Rubus plants.

The Partnership Group have big plans to make the ‘Biot’ into an historic tourist attraction as befits the site.  The site has recently been cleared and will be temporarily planted with wildflowers whilst the tourist site is designed and developed.

The ‘Biot’ will be included within the judging route, where a member of the Civic Society will discuss the towns aspirations for the site.


In this ever-changing environment, Nantwich in Bloom realises that it too needs to keep moving forward and adapt to the current financial situation.  The following points are under consideration presently:

– Using more sustainable planting, for example using plants that require less watering, are more drought tolerant and by planting herbaceous perennials and herbs rather than just annual bedding plants.

– Further co-ordination with Greenspaces, Woodland Trust, Wildlife Trust and all other ‘like minded’ associations in planting of trees, hedges and wildflowers, thereby attracting wildlife into the urban environment.

– Continuing our work and educate local schoolchildren in understanding aspects of horticulture and assist in planting to attract wildlife.

– Continuing our work in the Community Orchard, and possibly expanding it to become a home for endangered varieties of fruit.

– Linking in to the Big Society concept, via the Towns Partnership Group to promote environmental and ‘green’ issues to the town.

– Work with the local council in identifying all the various green areas within the town boundary, thus enabling contractual arrangements to be entered into to maintain/improve these sites.

– We continue to monitor the situation at the south side of St Mary’s Church where we had planned to build a memorial garden, with seating, however the church are now considering making the area a permanent car park for church helpers.