Nantwich in Bloom Community Participation


Nantwich in Bloom does not work in isolation.  And in fact works alongside many other community groups in the town.  The aims and objectives of these groups are similarly aligned and so the overall effect of their combines efforts are greater than if each worked along.

Nantwich Partnership

The Nantwich Partnership has been set up to discuss all aspects of the town development and includes representatives from Nantwich Town Council, Cheshire East Council, Retailers, The Church and the Civic Society.  Nantwich in Bloom along with Greenspaces and The Nantwich Anti Litter Group feed into this partnership as the Environmental Group.  The group have walked around the town to identify areas for improvement.  The items discussed have been prioritised and much of the work has already been undertaken.NP-logo

– The town centre paving has been relayed

– The car park vegetation has been tidied and replaced in some areas, although this is still ongoing

– Town signage has been rationalised

The paving around the main church has been discussed, however this is extremely costly and will require major funding.  A water tap adjacent to the town square has also been promised to assist with watering the beds and baskets.

Nantwich Litter Pickers

Nantwich Litter Group was formed in 2010 to bring together local people interested in helping eliminate litter from our wonderful town for the benefit of residents and visitors alike.

Litter-Group-preparing-to-pickWith a current base of more than 80 enthusiastic volunteers, the group aims to cover the whole of the Nantwich Town Council area, paying particular attention to the parks at Brookfield and the Barony, car parks, the town centre and nearby streets and riverside and canal areas.  This work is done through both the individual efforts of volunteers and monthly group picks. The group also acknowledge the work undertaken by ANSA, Cheshire East Council’s street cleansing team, in looking after the town and their support and cooperation with our own activities.

The Litter Group are very proud that their team leader, Joyce Webb, received a ‘Salt of the Earth’ awards were introduced by the former Mayor of Nantwich, Christine Farrell, during her year in office to recognise and celebrate some of the unsung heroes of the town and to acknowledge the work of all the volunteers and community helpers in Nantwich.

Since 2012 NLG have been pleased to work with Nantwich in Bloom and Nantwich Civic Society on Clean Up Days in preparation for the North West in Bloom judging.

Areas of Community Involvement

A number of local communities and retailers offer support to Nantwich in Bloom by purchasing baskets and platers through us or by directly sponsoring our beds and planters.

Our main town centre bed has been sponsored by Martin & Co Estate Agent, whilst the Parish Church planters have been sponsored by the Nantwich Dabber Dames Womens Institute, which is affiliated to the Cheshire Womens Institute which celebrates its 95th birthday this year.

Areas of School Involvement

Nantwich in Bloom often works with school groups to assist them in planting our wildflower areas to install an appreciation of the environment in our youngsters.  These activities are often aligned with other groups in order to ensure that the ‘bigger’ picture is considered.

All five primary schools in Nantwich which have been involved in developing and planting flowers to encourage butterflies and bees, in 2012 we provided an opportunity for each school to adopt a bed at the five entrances to the town and they have continued to develop these beds.Nantwich in Bloom School

We have worked with Weaver and St Anne’s schools over a number of years, planting sapling trees and developing wildflower meadows.  We have also assisted with the building of Bird Nesting Boxes and the building of Bug Hotels.

We have also been involved with a new school gardening group at the Wyche School, where mums and children with the help of the caretaker have built some raised beds.  we are including this school as part of our judging route.